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If you are new to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) accessibility or are looking to expand your horizons, ASCIT has collected and created a lot of resources to suit your needs.

On our IT Accessibility Checklists page, we have some guides provided by other organizations for those who want to make sure their evaluations are as comprehensive as possible.

On our National Accessibility Standards page, we have information about the laws and standards associated with ICT accessibility.

On our Product Accessibility Resources page, we have links to the accessibility sites of common authoring tools. These sites often cover the best practices for designing content with the associated products.

On our ICT Procurement Language page, we provide suggestions on how to word RFP requirements in order to better ensure the technology you are looking for is accessible.

On our Learn More page, we provide links to information about conferences, webinars, courses, listservs, communities, and more so that you can keep learning in between your time with ASCIT members.

More resources are being developed, so stay tuned.