ASCIT Program Committees

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Much of the work that the ASCIT Program accomplishes is completed through its committees. Members are expected to join and participate in one or more as suited to their interests and expertise. If you would like to join in the work, please use the link at the bottom of this page to contact the ASCIT Program chair.

The committees are as follows:

Outreach and Education Committee

The purpose of the Outreach and Education Committee is to provide accessible technology outreach and educational opportunities. This committee identifies training (e.g. local school wants accessibility training), presentation, and conference opportunities. It connects the ASCIT Program members who would be the best presenters for those trainings, presentations, and opportunities. It also works to keep informed of trends in order to create training/presentation topics based on best practices. We also bring together the ASCIT Program members in volunteering for these outreach events, including creating the presentations and monitoring the process for specific due dates (like for conferences and events). Finally, the Outreach and Education Committee reports on the successes of those events to the ASCIT Program and helps organize the resources to post on our website.

Communications Committee

The purpose of this committee is to continuously improve the ASCIT Program’s internal and external communications through the development and/or maintenance of ASCIT’s brand, website, social media accounts, documents, and other communication tools. This committee is also largely responsible for externally sharing content about events, resources, and tools related to Information Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility. 

Membership Committee

The purpose of this committee is to coordinate with the Secretary, Chair, and members to maintain membership engagement. This committee is largely responsible for maintaining membership contact information, identifying membership skills, managing a talent repository, recruitment, providing insight on membership retention, soliciting input and feedback on the needs and expectations of members and welcoming new members.