Why did ASCIT Program change websites?

As with any big move like this, several factors went into making this decision.

First, the old web address didn’t align with our focus. A web address like accessibility.sc.gov should provide information regarding physical, digital, and other aspects of accessibility. With the ASCIT Program’s focus on empowering improvements to digital accessibility, it did not seem right for us to continue occupying this space.

Second, our web design choices were limited on the old site. The platform we used to design the old website was administered by a third party organization who severely limited our design capabilities. Such things as changing font color and embedding YouTube videos could not be achieved. One reason for these limitations was to better ensure that the many websites produced with their platform would be more accessible. With many of their customers not being trained in accessibility, we recognize the difficulty they face, applaud their efforts, and thank them for the support they were able to provide us.

Third, changes were coming. The organization that administered our web design platform announced that they were about to making significant shifts that included migration to new servers among other things. This didn’t impact our decision to move so much as it impacted our timeline.

We are really excited for our new home and we hope you all will enjoy it too.